About Kompas No.1

About Kompas No.1

Kompas No.1 is the largest Rent a Car company in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia and Montenegro. In addition to it, company manages with large size of the fleet of vehicles and it has great financial capacity. Kompas No.1 Rent a Car operates in Croatia for more than 42 years. Since 1963, it has been the first place in the car hire field. Today, Kompas No.1 fleet consist more than 1.600 cars of event type that are in service by 40 locations all over the ex. Yugoslavia. Ten of those locations are in the airports.

Renault Twingo

Rent a Renault Twingo

Accris code: MBMN

Group: A

Doors: 3

From: 35 €/day

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Renault Clio 1.2 A/C

Rent a Renault Clio Campus

Accris code: EDMR

Group: B

Doors: 3

From: 65 €/day

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Peugeot 207 1.4 A/C

Rent a Peugeot 2007

Accris code: CVRM

Group: C

Doors: 5

From: 78 €/day

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Renault Logan 1.4 A/C

Rent a Renault Logan

Accris code: CXMR

Group: D

Doors: 4

From: 68 €/day

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